BeeScanners have requested a device to make it easier to take good quality pictures. We are happy to offer a small test series ready for shipping. It is offered as is and at cost price. Looking forward to your feedback.



Destination ProductFreightVATTotal
Outside EU$3610 46
Outside EU there may be a customs fee 0-20% on the total. Also there may be added VAT.


  1. You, please drop a line with your shipping details at
  2. We send an invoice.
  3. You pay via PayPal.
  4. We mail the stand.


Recommended distance between camera lens and surface of frame is 21-23 cm. (≈ 8 inch)

Due to hight of frame and your phone you can change the following:

  1. Back support: twist 90 degrees to change angel of frame.
  2. Front: choose far or close holes to change distance.
  3. Phone holder: Rotate 90 degrees for portrait or landscape mode.
  4. Phone holder screw and wing nut: Tilt holder to correct angel (same as frame), adjust to firm grip.
High frames, Dadant, Svea etc, portrait mode
Low frames, Farrar, Shallow, LN etc, landscape mode.